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Trees, Trees, Trees!

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2014-04-30 18.30.27-1

The past two weeks were all about trees, trees, trees! I made two separate linoleum blocks of trees for one spread. Two, because working on 12×12 block is much easier than working on 18×24 block, as I tend to twirl it around while carving. Printing the blocks for the first time was amazing. Everything fell right into place!
Above is the (very crude) first print.  I also made a final print of the yellow background which I’m kind of saving for a later post when more details are ready. And if you’re interested in technical specks, my chosen paper was Arches, hot press watercolor paper 90 lb.

2014-05-02 16.10.12

After mentally approving the blocks I moved on to color. And since printing is more fun when I get to play a little with imperfect results that would tell a story about creating art, I set out to print the trees in two layers. Ah! but then color choices needed to be made and they should have enhanced each other. Below is a photo of some of the trial prints. I learned so much about color consistency that is just right for showing the fine details of the trees, and had fun mixing a myriad of hues with five ink tubes, one of which is a transparent medium.

2014-05-02 11.34.17

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