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Trees Bees and Bears

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This picture started as a sketch, which could have led to any number of completed art in different artistic mediums. However, I wanted to print the background and trees so that they would seem flat and let the perspective and illustration of the characters play out. So next is the final print that required three linoleum blocks. One for the yellow background and two for the trees. The slightly off placement of the trees over the yellow field was created intentionally.

2014-05-31 17.51.34

I use Daniel Smith water based inks because my studio is located in my house and so I do not want to use colors that would smell badly, and I use the kitchen sink for cleaning the blocks and tools.
Next I drew the outlines, first in gentle pencil touches and then in brown ink with pen and fine brush.

And then I got very anxious over having to make color choices.

2014-06-09 19.04.47

Of course, I had a color scheme prepared way before getting to this stage. Not. In fact what I had was a good sense of how I wanted to color the girl and the little bear cub. For them I made preliminary colored sketches. But the little forest creatures, Mama bear and the teddy bear needed a lot of thinking while the final art was created because the decisions made at this point would apply for the rest of the book.

2014-06-13 14.02.55

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