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Rocking third revision


2015-11-12 11.30.07

I dread the sight of an empty work space, so I cultivate a healthy pile of drawings on my drawing desk at all times. There should be something waiting for me in the morning to discover and think through a cup of coffee. Presently I’m going through a third revision cycle of illustrations for a book. It’s always exciting for me to have fresh new ideas that replace old ones, it’s an interesting process of discovery and a steady learning curve.
The more I work on images for a story the better I get to know my characters and their illustrations become more lively and fun to create. In the beginning I find myself struggling to form vague ideas into believable and lovable characters. Some times I have a good idea where to start and other times it helps to see how a character behaves through several drafts to form better ideas about her appearance.


Author: INKfootprints

Artist illustrator Yifat Fishman

2 thoughts on “Rocking third revision

  1. This is one of the reasons I wish I could draw. I’m a visual writer and find I get to know my characters better through pictures and illustrations. Good luck on your project 🙂


  2. Thanks and good luck on your work, too!


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