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Tin Man (work title)

Here’s a quick rough color sketch from a book that I’m currently working on, which tells the story of a self-made tin man with a green thumb who saves the city and his landfill with the help of a creative girl… now back to developing the storyboard…




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As I’m working to get my latest project in the hands of publishers, I’ve designed a promotional postcard. I love how it came out! The illustrations show a spread from my new picture book dummy and B&W spot illustration for the back of the postcard, also from that project.
I’m itching to get the printed cards. Seeing my work in print, even if it’s just a small postcard, is one more step in the right direction!





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Tin man (work title)

Here’s a new story I’m currently working on, which started as a quick sketch with no intention of doing much with it. But as stories go, this one just spoke to me and I knew that I wanted to work with it to find out where it’s going.

It begins with a self-made tin man who lives in a landfill. He loves gardening and his three friends help him out and keep him company. But his home is in danger of being swallowed up by the heaps and mounds and mountains of trash that the near by city dumps every Wednesday. Moreover, the city itself is in a stinking trouble, of which it’s unaware … yet. It all starts to change when one Wednesday a girl named Delilah shows up at the landfill. This story deals with environmental themes that are close to my heart, along with cooperation and friendship.

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I just finished Tin Man and Iโ€™m still wondering what the cat is telling him. Do you know what heโ€™s saying? โ€œ______โ€

I feel that there’s a story here that needs telling.

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Yes I may be going a little overboard with time lapse video. But it’s hard to resist. So much fun while warming up my hand to the day’s work! #morning #morningcoffee #artprocess #art #digitalartis #painting #digitalart #ipadpro #ipadart #applepencil #video #timelapse #creativelife #illustration #procreateart #procreateapp #procreate