Children’s Books

Over the course of twelve years I was deeply invested in writing and illustrating ideas for picture books. I was a member of the SCBWI from 2010 and few years after. Reading books for my growing kids made me realize that there’s a whole world out there that cleverly explores all the wonders of growing up. Add to that the beautiful art that accompanied each story and I was hooked! So here are a few of my story ideas.

PriMo’s Wednesday
The book sends a timely ecological message, telling the story of a tin man, an audacious girl and a community rallying to save a special tree.

Real Wild Bears
The book tells the story of a fearless girl setting off to find a real wild bear, only to discover that it is best to strike a balance between going wild and being kind – especially when she’s the wildest creature in the woods.

Livingston Lost
Sometimes a rabbit has to get a little lost to find himself again. Illustrations from my children’s book storyboard about an uptight rabbit who finds adventure and friendship when he allows himself to get truly lost. The story explores themes of mindfulness, friendship and features basic yoga poses.

Little Dragon Can Do It!
Little Dragon can do just about anything . . . kind of, in a messy-helpful way that kids aged 2-4 would love to explore.

The Nighttime Monsters
Maya imagines all sorts of creatures that visit her room at night, or is she?

Linoleum Block Prints for Bears story
Here is a printing technique I tried for Real Wild Bears story before going for full digital illustrations. I used linoleum blocks and water based inks for printing, then added details in ink and watercolors.